FAQ: What to expect at the farm

How much do the trees cost?

Most trees are $55; select premium trees are $80. Premium trees are marked with a pink flag. Premium trees are based on their shape and fullness, not necessarily size.

Do you provide saws?

Yes, we will give you a saw, a tarp, and a 7′ measuring stick. The tarp is for dragging the tree back to your car, and the measuring stick is for ensuring that you choose a tree that is at least 7 feet tall.

Which trees am I allowed to cut?

Avoid trees in the blocks that are marked off with tape. Other than that, you can choose any tree that is over 7 feet tall! We ask that you do not cut any tree smaller than 7 feet so that we will have enough full-sized trees next year, too. We will provide you with a 7′ measuring stick. If you want a smaller tree, you can trim it down after it’s cut.

Why are there brown needles in the center of some trees?

You might notice that some trees have brown needles in the center (close to the tree trunk). That does NOT mean the rest of tree will turn brown before Christmas! Those needles turn brown because they aren’t getting enough sunlight. Any needles that are green in December would take months to turn brown.

I’ve found the perfect tree; what’s next?

Make sure that the tree is at least 7 feet tall. Cut the tree within 2 inches of the soil. If you need help clearing the lower branches so you can cut the tree, find one of our field helpers in yellow vests! Then use the tarp to drag the tree back to the parking lot. Tie the tree onto your car and pay us at the truck.

Do you provide twine to tie the tree to the car?

Yes, we’ll provide twine to tie it to your car and our helpers can help you tie it on.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.